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In oral or written traditions of folk lore all over the world as in Vedic astrology, various phases of the moon were and still are, used to indicate the best times to sow seeds, reap crops, perform rites of passage or spiritual ceremonies.

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The significance of moon is so vivid in Hindu mythology that it is likened to a mother that nourishes life on earth. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Symptoms of a Negative Moon:

A Southern gentleman writes about life and politics after Yale. Skip to content Life on earth is sustained owing to the presence of the luminaries in the solar system-Almighty Sun and cool Moon.

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Hope these remedies bring prosperity to your life, stay happy and fit till we meet next week. Love Urvasshi Kapur. Share if you like Tweet.

Moon in 11th house lal kitab

It is also used in many beauty products, but in Hinduism it has much more significance than merely being a cooking spice. Turmeric is regarded as extremely auspicious in Hindu culture and is used as holy entity in many Indian rituals and prayers and is offered to gods and goddess. It is also used in all sort of poojas and also used in marriage ceremony as ritual.


Turmeric finds a respectable place in our room and at our worship places. Astrologically, turmeric is related to Jupiter and it attracts its natural characteristics and yellow colour from Jupiter solely. A weak Moon also effects Mars - your energy may feel less, you have more anxiety, you feel a lack of money - donate milk and weak a silver chain, drink more water, don't drink very rich food, eat saunf fennel , eat fresh fruits Jupiter is another planet that gets effected by a weakend Moon - feed jaggery to cows, drink more water, donate shoes or food to leprosy patients.

Chanting the Moon mantra is another very effective remedy to make the Moon positive. Here's a chanting to help you get started:. Symptoms of a Negative Moon: it's not necessary that all of these may be affecting you. Jupiter is another planet that gets effected by a weakend Moon - feed jaggery to cows, drink more water, donate shoes or food to leprosy patients Apart from remedies , if we consciously start for example start taking shower or anything which defines weak moon,will it help?

Manik Luthra, Namaste ji. I haven't seen such a wonderful astrologer who has given so many remedies. Bcz of Ur remedies Tank u sir once again. Dear Sir Please suggest any effective remedies for moon as Iam getting a lot of problem relating to occupation. Just put some black sesame seeds in your hands and thank your ancestors for their blessings and ask them to accept the water and sesame seeds as a token of your appreciation. Pour water over your hand that has the sesame seeds as you ask them to accept your offering.

This can be done anytime and anywhere during the day. Myself and my husband has not having regular income what should we do business or job my date of. Start giving him milk by putting 2 pinch of vasa powder in it and chant Shri Ganehsya Namah times and drink then. Namaste Guru ji Should we follow all the remedies to strengthen moon.

Remedies for weak, afflicted, debilitated Chandra

Silver chain with father's sister on which day we have to take and wear it. My infinite Namaste for God. I dont know but i am having the same problems as you mentioned in the symptoms Even because of that I cant focus on my studies.. My birth date is For weak moon :- 1. Which is the right day to wear a silver chain? In which hand should silver bangle and ring be worn? Left or right? Namaste guru ji..

My date of birth is 04 03 time am place delhi. My in laws tortured me a lot so m having divorce aftr 2 years of my marriage. Namaste Guruji. Please Suggest me solution i have Moon and Rahu both are in 8th house in Simha rashi. Should i wear Moti. Please give me Solution asap. Leave a comment